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where does your body get energy to work

Middlesex County New Jersey

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Energy is not a nutrient but it is required in the body for metabolic processes, physiological functions, muscular activity, growth and synthesis of new tissues. It is released from food components by oxidation. The main sources of energy are carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Energy is required to process food into nutrients so the varied nutrients like the B vitamins can do their specific work in the body. Energy requirements vary with age, gender, body size, and activity. There are recommendations for each age and gender group.

Food is our body's fuel and impacts our body's performance.

Consuming nutrient dense food is very important. Starting the day with a good breakfast is key. Having eggs, a piece of whole grain toast and a some fruit, will give you a good start to the day. Enjoying a salad with some beans or tuna in it will give you good energy for the afternoon. Preparing chicken or fish in a healthy dish and adding some vegetables to it will give you added nutrients. Consuming beverages like low-fat milk, and water will also give you an energy boost.

Energy dense foods are those foods that are high in fat and calories, they can add unwanted pounds, and slow you down.