Use of Roundup in wheat/grain growing in Utah

Asked December 7, 2014, 2:26 PM EST

I just learned that there is some concern about grain growers using Roundup (glyphosate) on a field before harvesting the grain. This source, admits it but claims it is not universally done and at very low concentrations. Is Roundup used commonly by Utah grain growers, or is this not a practice here? Thank you.
John Graham

Utah County Utah

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Glyphosate is indeed labeled for use on wheat at or after physiological maturity of the wheat crop to control late season weeds thereby to improving the ability to harvest the crop. The use frequency in the US is low, including Utah. The highest use frequency is probably in the northern great plains. In particular in eastern North Dakota and Minnesota. There are no accounting of the actual use as neither the manufacturers nor the growers are mandated to report their sales or use, respectively. I hope this helps answer your question.