No seeds from second generation coleus plants . . .

Asked December 2, 2014, 3:57 AM EST

The summer before last, I collected seeds from my coleus plants. The next spring, I started the seeds indoors, and they grew into beautiful plants which I planted outdoors. This year, I tried to get seed from the plants, but there weren't any. Is this normal? Can you tell me why this would be? Hope to hear from you soon!

Geauga County Ohio

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Dear Gardener,

Coleus are highly variable, which is why there are so many color and leaf options. They are generally propagated from cuttings. This site can get you started:

Seed packets often contain mixes including hybrids. These may not produce viable seed, or the seeds may result in a very different plant. If your plants actually bloomed, the seed may have been too small or underdeveloped. Try cuttings from your favorite plants. This will give you clones that are genetically identical to the mother plant. I'd like to see photos of your results!