Eyes of our Silver Duckwings Old English Bantams

Asked December 1, 2014, 7:18 PM EST

Some of our Silver Duckwing Old English Bantams eyes look yellow around them. Some show signs of a mild cold but nothing that we can't handle with the cold part... Just was wondering why their eyes around the eyeball look yellowed.. Any help would be appreciated.

York County Pennsylvania

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It could be simple conjunctivitis or something more systemic. It is hard to tell online. Some breeds will have a yellow eye, but if the white portion of the eye begins to yellow you may be seeing a jaundice developing in the bird. Simple test would be to put a human eye drop into the eye for allergy and see if the color improves. If this is a viral infection no antibiotic will help and you just need to give supportive care and hope the disease will pass. If bacterial (cheesy pus) infection in eye antibiotic cream in the eye can help along with a course of antibiotic in the water. Be sure to follow all instructions and consult with your veterinarian when considering treating the flock.

Thanks, G.