We have to move. Our tenancy is up but we have had springtail problems which...

Asked November 30, 2014, 11:13 AM EST

We have to move. Our tenancy is up but we have had springtail problems which only began in our previous rented home over a year ago and even though we took great pains not to bring them with us into our present home after an absence of 6 months they are once again tormenting me in particular. We had all our belongings fumigated with methyl bromide including our cars, in a chamber. We had 6 months off which amazingly was just long enough for my husband to have and win a battle with cancer. Then the springtail story began once again and continues. We had the home treated with Bifren or something similar but the pest-control guy gave us our money back? We have also been fogging with cedar oil. Now, we have to move as our tenancy is not being continued.. and wondered if you could advise what kind of home to choose to avoid these little brutes please! We deliberately chose no carpets and the current home has a stone tile but there are damp issues in the toilet and strong odours in the bathroom and wet area cabinets which I unfortunately did not recognise prior to signing. Also a we noticed a strong odour of mould in the drive..it is a rear property and has an access drive and there are signs of staining on both walls of the drive. Thank-you, we would be glad of any insight you might share to aid us to make a better choice of home please?

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The most important step to take is to correctly identify the problem. There could be a number of possible causes for the problems that you are experiencing. Treating for springtails when they are not the actual cause would be wasting your time and money without providing any relief. I would encourage you to take specimens to your local agricultural extension office to have them correctly identified. From there you can work with your local extension agent to develop an effective solution for the problems that you are experiencing. If you have had fumigation or other pest control measures taken, please provide receipts of thsoe to the extension office so they can have a clear picture of what was done and when. Fumigation with methyl bromide is not a standard practice in the US and would not be recommended for the situation you are experiencing.

Springtails are common insects in the landscape but rarely occur in any substantial numbers in homes. When springtails do enter homes in any numbers, it is when conditions outside are dry and they are seeking a moist environment. A number of other insects may also "inadvertantly" enter homes, where they do not establish populations but can be temporary nuisances. Springtails or these other insects may enter structures through gaps in doorways or windows.

Please note that springtails are incapable of biting humans or animals, so again it is important to correctly identify the actual cause of your problems. If you are experiencing medical problems as a result of the situation, please be sure to consult with your doctor.