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Asked November 26, 2014, 10:58 PM EST

I'm a female hog farmer in Waianae , recently due to cost of electricity our power was cutoff for non payment . We now have a old military diesel generator that's able to run the entire 5 acres on used slop oil awesome if u ask me . My neighbor has been a pain in my a** since I got this place she calls the cops on me when I cook slop and now she called them on me for the generator said its a noise violation and the emissions are killing her cops gave me 5mins to turn off last night and I'm overwhelmed already with PEDV in the next valley over. Now everytime I turn it on I can expect HPD at my fence shinning there lights on my land and telling me I have to turn off my generator . With winter here and the newborn pigletts I have the nights are becoming very chilly without the heatlamps to keep them warm they will die. Are there laws that will protect me from being forced to turn off my only source of electric, the land is ag 2 and in a country district? Not looking forward to having to go without Lights ..... Any imput would be greatly appreciated ... Mahalo Keliiokamalu

Honolulu County Hawaii

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Aloha Keliiokamalu,

First of all, we must apologize for the delay in responding to your inquiry. After a number of calls, it has been determined that the best office to assist you would be the State of Hawaii Animal Industry Division. You can contact them at:
(808) 483-7106 or visit their website at:


Baby pigs can be kept warm by making a plywood box for them to sleep in. Leave the side facing the sow open so the piglets can go in and out easily. You may need to put the piglets in the box on the first night, but after that they should figure it out for themselves. This is just as effective as heat lamps. Make sure you wash and disinfect the box between litters.