dry tons juniper biomass available per year

Asked November 25, 2014, 12:28 PM EST

If you were to restore rangeland in Crook and Deschutes counties, removing juniper, how many bone dry tons per year would be available, if money were no object?

Crook County Oregon

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Well this is a tough question. However, 'the money is no object' part helps a little since access (e.g., proximity to roads) and harvest costs are key challenges to estimating the potential volume of juniper that might be available.

The publication "The Western Juniper Resource of Eastern Oregon" provides estimates of the inventory of this species. Specifically, Table 7 states there are about 3.6 million tons of juniper biomass (trees greater than 5 inches in diameter) in Crook and Deschutes Counties, with the vast majority of that being in Crook County.

You might also want to check with King and Zach Williams (zach.kinginc@gmail.com) of King Inc. They are working on the Oregon Solutions project with a specific focus on the supply side of western juniper utilization.


Thank you so much, Scott. Money is, of course, always somewhat of an object. But I will further investigate using the sources you have provided.
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