What are these berries? It's an invasive vine that grows on trees. Are they...

Asked November 25, 2014, 12:10 PM EST

What are these berries? It's an invasive vine that grows on trees. Are they edible?

Baltimore County Maryland english ivy invasive english ivy berries

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Please put "English ivy berries" into your search engine and look at the Images.
Yes, English ivy is a notorious and destructive alien invasive plant. Unfortunately, it is still sold at nurseries as a ground cover plant. When it grows on the ground, it is in a juvenile stage, but when it climbs up a tree or structure it goes into a mature stage. (You' may notice that the leaves in your photo do not look like the typical English ivy leaf on the ground.) Once it gets to the mature stage, it blooms and produces berries which wildlife spread into our parks and natural areas where it smothers native plants, eliminating the native plants what our wildlife need to exist. When eaten by wildlife (birds) it acts as a purgative and quickly goes through the birds digestive system and out. Do NOT eat these berries!

Cut off all vines growing up trees so that the vines cannot produce berries. Then kill off all English ivy on the ground, because it will just grow up them again. Vines will also kill the tree slowly by overgrowing the leaves preventing them from getting sunlight, or the vines will get so heavy they will cause the tree to go down in a wind, snow or ice storm. This "ground cover" is so aggressive, it will take over entire neighborhoods. We often get calls from people with acres of the stuff.

For steps on how to kill English ivy, go to Weeds Gone Wild: http://www.nps.gov/plants/alien/factmain.htm Click on Vines, then English Ivy.