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I would like to ask if somebody has got any knowledge about using 100% bone powder as fertilizer?
Can it be used in larger plantations?

Outside United States

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Bone used as an "organic" fertilizer is primarily beneficial for its nitrogen and phosphorous. However, in high pH soils, the phosphorous is quickly tied up and virtually unavailable to plants in a timely manner. The analysis of nitrogen in the many bone meal fertilizers is around 4% which is not very high.

The most effective way to fertilize any plant is to first Know the specific nutrient needs of the plant and understand your soil. A soil analysis is the only way to prescriptively provide the correct amount of nutrients necessary for plant development.

If you have access to bone powder and simply want to use it rather than waste it, It would be a good idea to have the bone meal analyzed. You should still begin with a soil test. If the phosphorous content of your soil is already high, you'll want to avoid adding bone meal to the soil.

Thank you very much for your response.
The thing is that I have some 100% bone powder for sell. Could you suggest me how should I try to sell it?
Should I start from making analyze of composition?

I'm afraid I would not know how to begin marketing your product but I would definitely recommend having analyzed by a reputable laboratory.

Maybe you also have some knowledge about fertilizers?
I would like to know if all fertilizers need to be certificated?

I am looking for the best way to propose it to the bigger farmers.

If you are wanting to market it as an organic product, you will want to have it certified through the USDA's National Organic Program.

Even if it would be recommended as fertilizer for grass/trees/plants (such as flowers)?

Thanks for the question.

Bone meal is not often used as a fertilizer on grass and trees. It is sometimes used on flowers.

Below is a primer on soils and fertilizers. An increase in basic knowledge on the types of fertilizers that people are looking for in plant development will be a benefit to you if you intend to supply that market with your product.

Thank you so much for your time and help.
I am sure that after the analyze I will post the results here.
Would you be willing to have a look on them and tell me your suggestions?

I would be happy to look at them and visit with you.

I much appreciate your help and interest.
It would be great to meet you. Unfortunately I do not know if you are planning to visit Poland?

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