My Kumquat Tree won't Flower

Asked November 18, 2014, 1:32 PM EST

Bought this tree from Costco in South San Francisco with plenty of fruits.Planted it in the garden after fruiting. It started drying out one branch at a time so I cut them as they dry out, then the tree started to come alive with branches and new leaves. Now it looks healthy but won't flower. This is the third year and it is 4 feet tall and it's growing side by side with my lemon trees

San Mateo County California

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The Kumquat is trying to survive and grow and if conditions are correct - light (needs 6- 8 hours of sun daily to produce flowers, then fruit), watering (soil needs to maintain moisture) and fertilization for the kumquat (depending on your location with determine what time of fertilizer and how often to apply). Here is a link to Kumquat growing recomendations -

Best to check in with your local 'Ask an Expert" at the San Mateo Extension Service.

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