Beef production start up assistance

Asked November 18, 2014, 9:33 AM EST

I am taking early retirement this coming February and starting a small beef production business. I have a couple questions-- 1. Are there any training opportunities (i.e. seminars, classes) being offered after the first of the year on basic beef production? 2. Are there any current government sponsored grants currently available to help with start up costs? Thanks. Richard Ehresman Christiansburg, VA

Montgomery County Virginia

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I am not aware of any grant programs to get you started. Once you are in business the local USDA/NRCS or Soil and Water Conservation District offices may have some cost share assistance that would help regarding fencing and watering systems.

I am sure there will be educational opportunities for beef producers locally. I would contact the Montgomery County Extension office. The Virginia Master Cattleman program will be offered in three locations to your east after the first of the year. It is an excellent opportunity to get the basics of genetics, nutrition, herd health, reproduction, economics, forages, and marketing. Even though she is not close to you, I would suggest contacting Rachel Grosse at (804) 598-5640 to find out the closest opportunity since she is coordinating the program for the Southside area.