Do Rye & Wheat Grass Have Gluten??

Asked November 17, 2014, 8:01 PM EST

Hello, I have Celiac Disease and wonder about the Gluten content (if any) of Wheat Grass (i.e.: in smoothies or supplements) and Rye Grass (in my lawn and rabbit's food). Can you tell me if I should avoid these plants? Thank you!

Multnomah County Oregon

2 Responses

If it is in the pure form (grass only) - it is gluten free. Gluten is found in the seed part of the plant only. The grass is naturally gluten free.

Our Nutrition Specialist wanted to add a quick note. Gluten does reside in the seeds, however, it is possible there are traces of gluten (seed) in a wheat grass drink; and, the bunny food, even if a grass, may have seeds or seed residue in it.

Our Specialist recommends that if your dietary restriction is extreme, you may want to inquire with a clinical dietitian to see if you should avoid certain grasses altogether. Thanks for contacting Ask an Expert.