High altitude electric water appliance

Asked November 17, 2014, 4:13 PM EST

I am looking at replacing my coffee maker. It is a model that maintains hot water, and dispenses it upon command to produce a large quantity of coffee in a short period of time. The vendor's catalog now has a High Altitude version. I asked them why, and they cited a need to reduce the water temperature. QUESTION: What are the unintended consequences of this design change? A colder cup of coffee? A reservoir that dries up more slowly? A fuller pot upon activation? A weaker brew?

product web link https://homecatalog.bunn.com/category/Home-Catalog-US/BREWERS/MULTI-CUP

Jefferson County Colorado food preparation

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Due to a decrease in atmospheric pressure, Water boils at a lower temperature as elevation increases. So the manufacturer does not want someone to be burned by the hotter water and yes it will evaporate more quickly if open to the air. You are not much above 5,000 ft so doesn't seem such a big deal.