solar livestock tank heater

Asked November 15, 2014, 11:49 AM EST

I was just wondering if you had any sources or ideas on solar livestock tank heaters. Do they exist? I need something that is basically the same as a power tank heater but run off of solar. I need this because the other solar solutions seem to only create a small hole in the ice, this will not work for me. We share water with horses in an adjoining pen. Hence both sides need access to water from the same trough.

Thank you,
Kaitlyn Janosik

Jefferson County Colorado livestock

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Solar livestock tank heaters do exist but the problem is having enough solar panel area to sufficiently heat the water in the tank. You can search the internet for sources, I don't have a brand name to recommend. Another possibility is a solar livestock tank. The tank is built in such a manner as to trap and heat the water without a seperate heater. You can purchase these online or build your own. Mother Earth News has an article on how to build one yourself.