Raging female goat in heat

Asked November 15, 2014, 3:11 AM EST

First off thank you for taking time to try and help all of us, (our 3 goats and us ! ) We have 3 rescued goats 2 female and one fixed male. The issue us the older female is about 10 yrs and went threw a false pregnancy, since then when she goes into her cycle it has gotten progressively loader and more aggressive in her need to breed, with no partner able to meet the needs. Two out of 3 are rescue animals and 1 we bought just because it is so darn cute.. We are not going to breed Anna, the problem child and all of us need a break from her behavior. We tried the buck rag with no help.. Is there anyway short of getting her fixed to cut this aggressive, obnoxious behavior ?

Tillamook County Oregon

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This is a problem that can happen, she is an older goat and the rag trick is generally used to help get them in heat for hand breeding. You can have her fixed, to do this you would need to consult with your veterinarian, they will have to do the procedure. The procedure is similar to having other pets fixed, I don’t know of any problems with this in female goats but I also don’t know of people that have had this done in goats.

I would consult a veterinarian about this if you never plan to breed her.