Reduce Wait Time

Asked November 14, 2014, 6:32 PM EST

Many of our families have concerns about the hot lunch program as it relates to the wait time in the lunch line. Many kids feel like often they don't have enough time to eat what they have taken. What best practices have been implemented in other areas to address this problem?

Lane County Oregon

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This is a common concern in many schools. Fortunately there are simple solutions that can help speed the line and maximize the time children have to eat. One of the best options is for the cafeteria to offer grab-and-go options that meet the school lunch guidelines.These often become popular options when offered both in the regular lunch line, but also in a separate location where only the grab-and-go option is available. This new location constitutes an express line where the transactions are simple and the line tends not to back up. When offered in a separate location, the number of participating students often increases sharply. Moreover, such a line can increase the consumption of the nutritious USDA regulation school lunch by as much as 18% while consumption of less healthy items on the menu decreases.