hydroponic vegetables growing time and temperature

Asked November 13, 2014, 11:13 AM EST


I am looking for a list of vegetables that can be produced in hydroponic greenhouses including the growing time for each and also the suitable temperature and moisture for their growing.

I appreciate if you can provide me with any material on that.

Mohammad Rahmani

Outside United States

1 Response

The list of what can be produced by hydroponics in a greenhouse is really only limited by your imagination and ingenuity. Check out the following books for the information you requested.

1) Hydroponic Food Production : A Definitive Guidebook for the Advanced Home Gardener and the Commercial Hydroponic Grower, 7th edition by Howard M. Resh

2) Hydroponic Crop Production by Lon Dalton & Rob Smith

3) Hydroponics: A Practical Guide for the Soilless Grower by J. Benton Jones, Jr.

Best of luck in your hydroponic endeavors.