Indentify Evergreen Tree - Can You Help?

Asked November 11, 2014, 9:53 AM EST

Can you help identify this tree in my landscape and tell me if it looks healthy. See attached images.

Thank you - Alan

Kent County Michigan

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Looking at your photos, it appears that your tree is a pine. There are many different pines. When trying to determine which pine you have it is good to start by looking at the needles. I have zoomed in on your photos, and it appears the needles on your pine are attached to the tree in bundles of two. You will want to look at the tree to confirm this, as I don’t have a real clear view on my computer. The needles also appear to be fairly short about an inch and a half. Again you will want to check this. There are three pines that fit this description; Mugo pine, Scots pine and Jack pine. I have included 3 websites that have some good photos and descriptions that should help you to determine if one of these three pines is a match. When looking at the sites pay close attention to the way the needles are described. There is also information about the bark, but that information may be less helpful, because the bark on your tree is covered in lichen, a harmless organism that will make the bark look grayish green.

If none of these trees look like a match, please reply back and include some very clear close-up photos of the needles, any cones that are on the tree and a photo of the bark in a place that is not covered by lichen. Also include the length of the needle.

As for whether the tree is healthy, that is difficult to determine from a photo. The needles look very sparse and there is considerable browning of the needles. If the tree is of sentimental importance you may want to have a certified arborist take a look at it. The link below will help you to find a certified arborist. In addition to whether the pine is healthy, you will want to decide if the appearance is appealing to you. If you like the way it looks that may be a reason for keeping it. If you don’t like the appearance then removing it may be the best course of action.

I hope this information is helpful. If you have additional questions please reply back. Thank you for using our system.