Is it too late...

Asked November 10, 2014, 3:14 PM EST

Is is too late to plant water wise landscape plants in harper? Seems like winter might be coming early. Also, if we get a hard freeze or frost within a month of planting, will it kill the plants? Thank you

Gillespie County Texas

2 Responses

Actually we like to plant things in the fall when they are dormant. this give them sometime to start develop some new roots before the hot summer sets in. also the soil stays moist between watering longer so there is less chance of newly planted plants getting water stressed right away. the tops of the plants should be cold hardy except for some of the new shoots that might freeze back. the roots will be protected in the ground and covered by a layer of mulch. please call the office if you need more advice. I actually live south of Harper. 830-997-3452

Thank you so much for allaying my fears if late fall planting!