Asked November 9, 2014, 8:45 PM EST

my spouse and I worked for a motel in Idaho springs co I worked maint and she did housekeeping. We lived at our job as we moved here from Kansas for this job. We were released Friday of our duties and told TO move out immediately, we have no vehicle and no where to go. . They did not give us our final checks yet either. We had no lease and rent was free because we basically lived in a room that was used for storage at one time. we cleaned it up and moved in THERE at the request of motel owner. So being released from duties is one thing, they claim due to me getting upset at another worker when in reality ITS Because they sold other motel and are downsiZing staff as we are not the only two to be released. They requested we move out right away. .. question is. .. ARE THEY REQUIRED To give us some sort of notice to vacate as this was our place of residence. .. it seems as if we are being thrown in the streets and seems totally unlawful

Clear Creek County Colorado

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I am sorry to hear of your unfortunate situation; however, I do not have any answers for you. You should contact Cindy Dicken, Clear Creek County Health& Human Services Director at 303-679-2365, hs@co.clear-creek.co.us OR the District Attorney at 303-679-2316.