Feral Hog managment

Asked November 8, 2014, 9:42 AM EST

We are a small HOA located just north of Fischer Texas. We are starting to have feral hogs show up on some of the peripheral properties. Do you have anyone who could come out and give us come advice on what we are up against? I am most interested if it is possible to keep out hogs with our high peripheral fencing, and how important it would be to maintain this fence line by the owners.
Jim Powell '71

Comal County Texas

1 Response

Exclusion fencing is one of the more effective non lethal management techniques for feral hogs. Concerning fence maintenance the most common issue will be small/medium sized mammals digging under the fence, this will create a starting point for the hogs to deepen the hole and go under the fence. I have composed an article on urban feral hogs that will provide you with some additional insight it can be viewed at http://wild-wonderings.blogspot.com/2013/05/urban-feral-hogs-concern-challenges-and.html?q=urban+fer...

Concerning a site visit my counterpart in Gatesville, TX (Josh Helcel) can work with you to schedule a time to come out. He can be reached at 254-248-0562 or josh.helcel@ag.tamu.edu