My brussel sprouts grew beautiful plants this year. The small...

Asked November 8, 2014, 9:06 AM EST

My brussel sprouts grew beautiful plants this year. The small "cabbages" never formed however. The "cabbage" leaves are there -- plenty of them, but they do not form the typical tight "cabbage" ball. My sister in law in Appleton had the same problem. Any ideas?

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It is possible that your plants need a change of nutrients. Brussels sprouts need more boron than most other vegetables. Boron is a plant nutrient used in minute quantities by all plants; without it, Brussels sprouts develop hollow stems and small buds. If your plants have shown these symptoms, you can add boron to the soil by dissolving 1 level tablespoon of borax (such as 20 Mule Team from the grocery shelf) in 5 quarts of water and sprinkling it evenly over 50 square feet of bed. DO NOT be tempted to mix more, because too much causes problems. Also, do not apply unless your plants have shown the deficiency symptoms we just mentioned.

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I hope this will help next year. Thanks for contacting AaE!