What multilple fruit grafts (Honeycrisp, Grannysmith, pear, sweet cherry,...

Asked November 7, 2014, 4:47 PM EST

What multilple fruit grafts (Honeycrisp, Grannysmith, pear, sweet cherry, plum) might be most succesful for so. Shoreview, MN? This wsuld be one tree, sometimes called a fruit salad tree. Who are some of the best MN sellers of fruit trees?best rec. MN nurseries

Ramsey County Minnesota

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The success of variety apple trees in our area depends upon the rootstock that was used for the graft. Your best bet is to buy trees that were started and grown in Minnesota/Wisconsin, as opposed to trees that were started in Oregon or some other higher zone place. I'd be wary of purchasing grafted fruit trees over the internet unless you can be assured that the rootstock is fully winter hardy (to zone 3)

As far as who sells these "fruit salad" trees I can't say. We don't have resources for all of the commercial growers in our area. I'd start with a Google search, and perhaps contact the Arboretum. They may have some resources that we don't:


I hope this is helpful. Please contact AaE again if you have further questions.

I should say that a true Fruit Salad cannot be produced on one tree. While an apple tree can bear 3-4 different apples, and a plum can bear 3-4 different kinds of plum, and so on - the fruits have to belong to the same family in order for the grafts to survive. In other words you can't have one tree produce 3-4 different species of fruit.