pecan orchard drip irrigation

Asked November 7, 2014, 10:22 AM EST

What is proper spacing between lateral drip lines in pecan orchard?

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Drip irrigation approaches are highly variable in pecan orchards and other orchard crops in general. Many orchards use a 2-line drip approach, with lateral lines parallel to one another 10-15 feet apart on either side of the tree row. Each line is anywhere from 5-8 feet from the tree row center. Such spacing may be to far away from the roots of newly established orchards, so one row may be placed at tree row center for the first few years and then moved outward as the trees age.
For subsurface drip, where the row middles are covered in their entirety, a spacing of 6-8 feet has been used. The number of lines and emitters is dictated by water pumping capactiy, # of zones/sets, and total acreage irrigated.
Additional information on drip irrigation for pecan orchards may be found in the Texas Pecan Handbook, available from