can cassia nodosa be grafted in cassia fistula

Asked November 7, 2014, 2:32 AM EST

can cassia nodosa be grafted in cassia fistula

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You asked if C. nodosa could be grafted onto C. fistula. C. nodosa is a sup species of C. javanica. Botanically these two plants are very closely related and I do believe that it would be worth a try to graft one to the other. I have no experience with grafting this particular plant, but generally two plants that are in the same genus can sometimes be successfully grafted to each other. For instance, sweet cherry can be successfully grafted with tart cherry but almond cannot be grafted with apricot. All four plants are members of the Prunus genus. This website is an interesting collection of information about grafting compatibility.
Also of interest, if the goal is to have the best of both plants, my research indicated that there is a hybrid Cassia fistula x javanica that is sterile. This specimen is only propagated by cuttings that are airlayered and then grown on their own roots.

Good luck!