Asked November 6, 2014, 10:01 AM EST

Thee is a GREAT need in the community for transportation, especially in the outlying zones. medical opt.s are covered by medicaid for the ones associated with this program. But going to the groc. store or picking up necessities .food banks or any other services are totally off limits to a great many citisens, that could be contributing to our community even volunteering. I personally have exhausted every outlet to find some type of community transport but have come up nonplused. There is a program in elkins wva that offers its citisenz transport to all services including clothing outlets and banks groc. stores/bank and etc. even just a picnic run. This is all funded thru the medicaid program of that county. I personally do not have the resources to examine and/or impliment this type of service for floyd and willis communities, but perhaps you do and can. It would be great for some ,simply to be able to get out to church again. as a social network can be an integral part of a mental health status for an individual. I see this as our main need in mental health , physical and family stability in this region. thank you fawn farly 2762666989 please let me know of any impending services such as this or if this will be looked into. thank you

Floyd County Virginia

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Good Afternoon Ms. Farly,

Virginia Cooperative Extension is an educational agency tasked with communicating research based information from the Land Grant Universities such as Virginia Tech and Virginia State and making that information available to local communities, producers, and families. As an Agricultural Extension Agent, your question is a bit out of my normal scope of expertise. As a fellow Floyd citizen however, I agree that transportation is a worthwhile concern for many in our community. I can not provide you an answer to your question, but I will carry your email and address it with County officials during the next planning meeting for which I am invited. In the mean time, the only agency that I am aware of locally would be New River Community Action. You may consider contacting a representative there. Kind regards.