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Asked November 6, 2014, 9:42 AM EST

When should lime be applied to acidic lawns? I have aerated a soil base and heavily seeded the area .How long should I wait prior to applying lime to the soil. Will it harm the dormant grass seed? It is now November.

Midland County Michigan lawns and turf lime soil and fertility issues

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Under normal conditions the fall is the proper time for lime application to your lawns. Depending on when you planted your grass seed will make the decision for laying in lime for the lawn. Has your seed sprouted yet? Lime can and will burn a new lawn, or old one, for that matter. Normally you would wait until late October or early November for seeding and then apply the lime as the seed won't have had the chance to sprout until the next spring. If your seed was sown in September than you may have to wait for a light application in spring.

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