Hornets nesting inside my house, between the ceiling and the upstair's floor.

Asked November 5, 2014, 11:24 AM EST

What can I do to remove a hornet nest colony from inside my house? There is a nest located over a 1st floor closet and under an upstairs bedroom, in the floor joist area. I found the exterior opening beside a vent in the outside wall. The hornets have made a hole in the siding shingles so they have access to the space under the second story floor. Will this warm environment allow the queen(s) to stay in my house over the winter and continue living and using this space next year? Thank you for your help.

Douglas County Oregon

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Hello. The queens are the only ones of the nest that can overwinter. They will leave the nest and find overwintering sites such as in a wood pile. The colony will not reuse a nest so you can be sure that they will not return to that location. To learn more, visit PestSense http://pep.wsu.edu/pestsense/scripts/query/displayProblem.asp?tableName=plant&categoryID=3&p...

Thanks Todd