Source for avocado cuttings

Asked November 4, 2014, 8:17 AM EST

We have Lula and Day avocado trees and would like to find a source of cuttings of other avocado varieties that do well in the RGV to graft onto our trees.

Richard and Morgan Pate
San Benito, TX

Cameron County Texas

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Richard ans Morgan, Please contact me at 956.361.8236 to discuss different avocado varieties for the RGV. Thanks,

Hi Jennifer, sorry we have not connected today, I'll try you again tomorrow (Thurs). What we are looking for is a source of cuttings of other varieties of avocado to graft onto our Lula root stock. Richard is expert at grafting, and already has successful grafts, but we would like to find access to some other varieties. We were hoping that there might be a demonstration plot, or perhaps a local grower who is willing to share some cuttings. The varieties that we are interested in adding to our collection of Day and Lula trees are: Fantastic, Pancho, Oro Negro, Mexicola, Lila, Joey, Hall, Brogdon, and Brazos Belle. We would, of course, also be interested in any other varieties that you recommend or have access to for the lower RGV. Thanks for any assistance you can provide! Morgan and Richard Pate

Mr. Pate,
A gentleman read our conversation and would like to connect with you on grafting avocado and bud wood. Please call my office at 956.361.8236 so that I can connect you.