Hello, How do I care for the following 'potted' plants in the winter ? I will...

Asked November 3, 2014, 10:47 AM EST

Hello, How do I care for the following 'potted' plants in the winter ? I will not be planting them in the ground but wait for spring 2015. store them in unheated garage or warmer basement ? Does one have to water every few weeks so they don't completely dry out ? 3 gallon Centennial blush Magnolia (3 feet tall) 2 gallon David austin Mortimer sackler climbing rose

Dakota County Minnesota

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If the shrubs are kept in an unheated garage they will need a little water.
Success is not guaranteed but is possible.Advice on how to do this successfully varies and is available for roses. I have not been able to find information for magnolias.
If they are kept in a basement and do not freeze they will need water and light. It is difficult to provide enough light.
Overwintering other shrubs