I need advise on fertilizing aronia berry bushes.

Asked November 2, 2014, 2:35 PM EST

Hello, I am looking at planting aronia berry bushes. I find lots of information on planting and care for the bush. I am looking for more information on fertilizer requirements and recommendations on an ongoing basis. I am in the Yankton County, SD and Cedar County, NE location. Thank you for any information and links.

Cedar County Nebraska

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Is this for commercial production or home fruit production? Currently, there has not been a lot of research conducted on Aronia melanocarpa fertilization. I would reassign this question to our fruit production person but that position is currently open. Therefore, I will share a few tips. First, have a soil test done to determine pH, phosphorous, potassium, etc. of your soil. Recommendations for nitrogen fertilization of Aronia melanocarpa that I found from other University sites ranged from 0.25 ounces of N to 1.5 ounces of N per plant. This is quite a range,and likely based on soil fertility of the site; hence I would tell them your production plans when you send in a soil test. Also, you could contact Aronia berry Services. They are in northeastern Iowa: http://aroniaberryservicesofneiowa.com/ Please let me know if you have additional questions.

One more thing: Research has shown that too much N can lower the anthocyanin content of the berries so it is important not to over-fertilize with N.

Thank you for the information. It is for commercial use. I completely agree to start with pH testing and a full spectrum of soil testing. To understand current conditions and opportunities for improvement.

I wish I could be more helpful, but hopefully this gets you started in the right direction. By the way, Eldon Everhart with Iowa Extension may have more information about fertilization of Aroniaberry. I believe he has worked with it fruit production more than I have. His number can be found at the bottom of the article at the link below.