Tree borers

Asked November 2, 2014, 1:04 PM EST

I have a Lacy oak that appears to have damage from some type of insect. I'm guessing that these are borers. How can I kill these insects. Will this tree survive if I kill them? See attached photos. Also a problem on a Burr oak. Both trees planted from a container 2 years ago. Thanks. Terry Clark

Parker County Texas horticulture

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Hello Terry,

Your trees may be suffering from some carry-over transplant shock since we've experienced drought for several years including the time these have been planted. I would add mulch around the trees, 3 inches deep, extending out 3 to 4 feet and then try to keep the root zone moist at not too wet or to dry. As for the bores, you may have some bore damage. It's hard to say for sure unless you see tunneling under the bark layer. Bores will tunnel around trees or possibly up or down staying in the two layers closest to the outer bark and will not tunnel straight in toward the center of the tree. If evidence of bores is found I would suggest one of the systemic insecticides that can be mixed with water and poured around the base (root zone) of each tree according to label directions.

Hope this helps.