Asked October 30, 2014, 3:58 PM EDT

Will a cattle prod hurt a large goat? He's at least over 100 lbs. Maybe ~130 lbs. Thank you for your help!

Stephens County Texas

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I would not recommend using a cattle prod. Not sure if this is a show goat...a cattle prod could definitely affect the demeanor of the goat and permanently damage muscle.

He's no show goat. Just an ornery only child. But I don't want any permanent harm to come to him. I need a way to keep him under control while I put food in his pen (he's not afraid to use his large horns). Any ideas? I recently used a cattle POKER to some effect but I have to swat him pretty hard

Castration would help somewhat if it hasn't been done already. Horn removal too, although it would be at more expense and risk at this point. A similar-sized pal would help him get this normal behavior out of his system with a more appropriate species (goat vs. human). Try a spray bottle of water: squirt him in the face whenever his behavior is too aggressive. You could train him this way to stay back until you are done putting hay in his pen (squirt him to make him back up and say "BACK"; squirt every time he approaches and say "NO" very loudly; only put feed in when he stays back; squirt again until you say "OK" or some other cue that he can come forward and start eating).You may get to the point of only needing to say BACK, NO and OK, without squirting him. Be consistent and the training should go pretty quickly. Make sure no one is encouraging any butting behavior with humans in any way, even in play. Maybe give him something heavy like a swinging tire or punching bag to exhibit his butting behavior with but not hurt anyone. Good luck and be careful!