Using VOM wheat for seed

Asked October 30, 2014, 3:13 PM EDT

Hi! I am just curious if NDSU has an opinion on using 12.1 ppm VOM for seed wheat the following growing season. Thanks!

Stutsman County North Dakota

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Although we do not have any recent experimental data that deals with your question, it is my opinion that as long as you have good germinations in your seed lot, it should be safe to use seed with this level of VOM (or DON) as seed. I would suggest that you clean your seed so that any tombstones (dead smaller seeds that are white or pink in color) are removed. If you find that your germs are below 80% it may be an indication that the vigor of the seedlot might also be impacted. Adjust your seeding rate to compensate for low germ rates. If you do not normally treat your seed, you may consider treating your seed with a recommended fungicide. This will not directly deal with the VOM (it is a chemical toxin produced by fungi), but may provide some protection from other fungi on the seed or in the soil that may be more problematic if the vigor of the seed lot is somewhat reduced.