Growing apple trees from seed -

Asked October 30, 2014, 1:35 PM EDT

An apple tree that's over 100 years old fell over last spring and although it produced apples, it probably will not live through the winter. We've gathered the apples and would like to know how best to prepare the seeds for planting. Should we leave the seeds in the apple over winter, remove and dry them?

I realize that most apple trees in this region are grafts onto hardier roots, but this old tree is not a graft and we'd like to see if we can grow others from seed. We don't know what kind of apple tree this is. Apples are quite small and tart.

Cass County North Dakota

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Removing the seeds from the apple, letting them dry in the air, and freezing them would be a possible way of keeping them until spring. HOWEVER:

Apples do not come true to form from their seeds. If you plant the seeds they will more than likely grow, but the apple fruit produced from these seeds will not be like the fruit they came from.