berry relocation times

Asked October 30, 2014, 11:35 AM EDT

i have a (maybe blackberry) bush that i want to relocate... should i wait until spring or can i do it now?
it may be raspberry...
also... i never get my blueberry to work... i have a backyard greenhouse i REALLY want to get it to work

Denver County Colorado trees and shrubs

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Early September is a good time to transplant raspberries. If plants and root systems are healthy, the suckers or daughter plants that emerge around mature mother plants can be transplanted to new areas. Carefully sever the roots attached to the mother plant, maintaining a soil ball around the root system of the sucker. After transplanting, firm the soil over the top of the roots. Prune two-thirds off the cane's top to balance top growth with root growth and water immediately. Plant late in the evening to reduce stress on the transplant.

For blackberries, in early September bury the tips of new canes in the soil next to the mother plant. Do not break canes when bending. Firm the soil over the tip to keep in place, then water. Dig up the rooted tip in the spring, sever it from the mother cane, and replant it in another location. Prune the transplanted cane to 2 to 3 buds, firm the soil over the roots, and water. Known as tip layering, this process can also be used on black raspberries.

Regarding blueberries, you are in luck! CSU has an excellent archived webinar on the subject of blueberries that is about 1-1/2 hours long. The webinar was recorded several years ago so you won't be able to ask questions, but this will give you a wealth of basic information for success in growing blueberries.