I already received a reply from Jon Traufield regarding my previous question,...

Asked October 29, 2014, 11:32 PM EDT

I already received a reply from Jon Traufield regarding my previous question, which was, "What is the plant shown? It's leaves get to 6 to 8 inches long." Jon said it was probably Bull’s Blood beet. My follow-up question is, can I dig up its bulb or tuber and replant it next Spring? Thanks, Paul

Harford County Maryland

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Why would you want to dig up a beet and replant it next spring? We can think of no reason to do so. When beets become old, they are inedible. If you want the foliage, you would be better off replanting Bull's Blood beet seeds next spring. vw

Here's why. The plant came in a seed pack of "Mixed Greens." I have been harvesting its leaves all season and using them in salads, and I did not know that it was a beet. So, yes, I do want the foliage and was wondering if I could store the root and get it to continue to produce leaves next spring.

If I can't begin the plant anew next spring, should I harvest the beet once the leaves are killed off, or is it already too late to eat the beet?



Beets are biennial (live 2 years, then die) so you can try to collect the seed by continuing the beet's growth next summer at the end of which it will form seed. This explains a way to do this: https://www.cog.ca/documents/Savingseedsofbiennialvegetables.pdf

If you want to eat the beet, you can. Here's the beet info from our website: http://extension.umd.edu/learn/vegetable-profiles-beets