lemon tree in or out

Asked October 26, 2014, 2:42 PM EDT

Hello there, Can I leave my potted lemon tree outside for the winter?
Under an eave and near the sliding door window?
Thank you

Benton County Oregon

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Lemon trees are a sub-tropical plant that grow in zones 9-10. The Willamette Valley is zone 8. One site says your tree may survive a temperature as low as 18 degrees for a short period of time, but that would make it unsuitable to leave outside, even near a house. Since your tree is in a pot, if you can bring it inside to a sunny window and take out in the spring, that is what is preferred. Here is a link to an Extension gardening story about your situation. Good luck!
"If you have sunny indoor space, citrus trees such as Meyer lemon, Baerr's lime and mandarin orange, or other tender evergreens can be grown in containers outside in the summer and brought inside during the colder months."