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Asked October 25, 2014, 8:58 PM EDT


I bought some pcs. of fresh ginseng roots but no leaves on the plant. Could I grow the plant just with bare roots? Also, I am in Toronto, Canada. Should I keep the plants inside the soil in the pot in door and wait to next spring to grow outside? Should I use triple mix for this temporary period? Thank you very much for your attention and valuable advice!

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American ginseng is usually regenerated using stratified seed. The rootlets of young ginseng plants can also be planted; however, they are usually planted whole. Planting pieces of ginseng roots is not a common practice. Since ginseng rarely reproduces asexually via root fragmentation(Lewis 1984), it is unlikely that planting root pieces will be successful. Source: Lewis, W.H. and V.E. Zenger. 1982. Population dynamics of the American ginseng Panax quinquefolium (Araiaceae). American Journal of botany 69: 1483-1490. Below are three of the 5 fact sheets in the Growing Ginseng in Ohio series: Site Preparation and Planting: Introduction: Selecting a Site: The following fact sheet from North Carolina State describes how to store and plant ginseng rootlets.