Which variety of standard cymbidium has the most flower

Asked October 21, 2014, 3:56 PM EDT

Could you recommend a standard hybrid cymbidium that has up to 20 large flowere on a spike.

Outside United States

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Cymbidium orchids like other orchid genus have new hybrids available all the time so naming a specific hybrid is a challenge unless you are involved in the hybridizing and growing. Flowers per stem, color heat tolerance, shape and substance are the many features hybridizers breed into new hybrids.

Contact Cymbidium hybridizers for the latest list. Cymbidiums are breed and grown in US, Australia and smaller amounts in other counties.

American growers and hybridizers are listed at http://www.aos.org/

Australian growers and hybridizers are listed at http://www.orchidsaustralia.com/

Both these web sites have a list of growers and hybridizers you can contact for the latest greatest suggestions.

Odom Orchids grows and introduces new hybrids all the time. Call them for a list and description.