I have a client that is wanting some native grasses planted. He is wanting a...

Asked October 20, 2014, 11:23 AM EDT

I have a client that is wanting some native grasses planted. He is wanting a mixture of smaller in height grasses with little blue grass in with it. From my understanding that the best time to plant this grass seed is in the spring. Can this grass seed be also dormant seeded in the fall?? What is your recommendation?? Thanks For your help, Stacy McGee Gro Green Lawn Care

Grant County Minnesota

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Hi Stacey,

Most native grasses set, and drop their seeds in summer into late fall. This is a good time to plant grass seed - in fact grasses can be sewn into the snow!
The most important factor is the preparation of the planting area. These seeds will have more success if they are not competing with other, established plants. The ground should be cleared of current growth, either by very close mowing, and/or the use of a broad spectrum herbicide.
Plant debris should be raked out, and the new seed can be gently scratched into the soil. The herbicide will be less effective on plants that are already dormant, but fall is a good time to kill off cool-weather plants like grasses. Do not til the soil because that will bring up weed seeds.
Here are some sources for native seeds:

You may be able to special order straight grass seed mixes, but you'd have to contact them to find out for sure.

Thanks for your question. Please contact AaE again if you have further questions.