Asked October 20, 2014, 9:17 AM EDT

Hello. A friend of mine mentioned that i should check with your agency about fencing and if you could help me get it. I'm 56,single/woman-living on a small farm of 34 acres... i have had goats for the last few years and have some fencing- 2 strand electric but would like to expand the pasture to encompass the whole farm and not just a small yard. Last yard i had over 20 head but because of my aged fathers felling health, I have sold all but 4 doe and my Full-Blooded SA Boer buck. Please let me know if or how i could quality for any assistance. I would like to use my farm to continue raising goats or another type of livestock(calves/cows possibly). We are selling the heavy farming equipment to help prevent my 83 year old father from getting hurt any further and would be buying hay from another farm. Any other information that you would need I can give you through email(mohrgoats@gmail.com). Thank-You for your time and any help, Peg Mohr

Clarion County Pennsylvania

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You are looking for the Farm Service Agency. They are the group that has money to assist. They are listed in the phone book under government agencies. In clarion county they are located at the mall. I apologize for not having not the number. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us. Jeff