Swale question

Asked October 14, 2014, 4:32 PM EDT

I sent this question in just now with a photo, but I am not sure it was received. I had our soil tested (see ##DAFDB7) and it is a highly clay soil. I have a swale in my backyard that I have not been able to walk over since it is soggy all summer. It drains toward a large drain opening, but even though it has a grade of about 3" per 10 ft toward this drain, the water just stands on the surface on much of it. Does it make sense to ditch it out down about 6 inches or so and put in a 4 inch schedule 30 plastic drain tile and cover that with soil that allows better drainage with the idea that the drain tile will carry the water to the drain? What do you recommend. In 40 years, I have never had a yard with this kind of problem.

Macomb County Michigan

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