Name and availability of this ground cover

Asked October 14, 2014, 3:49 PM EDT

Can you tell me what this is and can it be purchased as seed? This ground cover is slowly advancing from the back of my lot, but not very fast, and I have encouraged it to take over the grass. It seems to withstand foot traffic and doesn't need mowing or watering. I have tried transplanting it without much success and wonder if it would be available as a seed.

Alpena County Michigan

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Whatever this is, did it just appear or did you plant the first plant?

There are only leaves available to see and not the entire plant. You cannot see if the leaves join the stem as parallel or alternate leaves. It is not a common groundcover. Did it bloom or produce any fruit? The leaves, without seeing a plant or having other information, are very nondescript. More information is needed.

If it turns out to be a native plant, It would be unusual to find seeds. It appears to be growing in a wooded area and very few shade plants are available as seeds.

You may have to encourage what you have to spread but next year, look for flowers or resulting fruit. Right now, other than division, we do not know how this plant duplicates itself.