Sweet Potatoes

Asked October 14, 2014, 11:30 AM EDT

I grew Territorial Seed Georgia Jet Sweet Potato slips this year. I harvested them on Monday. They are nice sized and the flesh is a beautiful color. My concern and question is, the skins on almost all of them are dark and rough, like tree bark, scaly. I have attached a picture. Was there something lacking in the soil or is this a disease? Thank you. Janice Bartholomew

Douglas County Oregon

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Were all the sweet potatoes affected? If so it is more likely to be something abiotic like a nutrient deficiency or a watering issue. If there were some tubers without the problem it would likely be a disease. Unfortunately I don't recognize the problem since I haven't grown or worked with sweet potatoes. Bring one by the extension office if you have a chance for us to look at it close up.