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Asked October 13, 2014, 12:42 PM EDT

What can I do to minimize coddling moth damage and apple scab, without using potentially toxin sprays? Thank you

Benton County Oregon

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Your issues with both the coddling moth and apple scab are both problems that all Oregonians who have apple and pear trees experience. There has been extensive study of both issues. Therefore there are some very helpful publications available from Oregon State University.

Coddling Moth: This publication will provide information on steps you can take to control coddling moths in your home orchard (or single tree). There are organic sprays that will help with coddling moths. The sprays need to be applied at specific times of year and this information is also provided in the publication found at the recommended Link.

Apple Scab: At this time of year it is time to do a thorough ‘clean up’ of leaves and apples from the ground around your tree(s). Do not put the leaves and apples you gather into your compost, bag it and place it into your trash to be hauled away. This is also the time to start pruning your trees to open up the canopy for better air flow and to increase fruit production. PNW 400 will provide information on the proper way to prune your trees.

The below listed publications are available at your county Extension Office, or on line at

  • EC 631-E Managing diseases and insects in home orchards
  • EC 819-E Growing Tree Fruits and Nuts in the Home Orchard
  • PNW 400 Training and Pruning Your Home Orchard

It is great that you are making plans now for your apple harvest next year. If you follow all of the steps in the recommended publication you will have a GREAT apple harvest next Fall!