Prevent Hornets from Nesting Behind Retention Wall

Asked October 11, 2014, 12:02 PM EDT

I have a semi-circular retention wall around my fire pit. The retention wall is made of pavers stacked 5 high with a 'cap' stone on the top. For the last couple years I've had hornets that have built nests behind the stones. I have had to dismantle portions of the wall to destroy the nests. One nest was as big as a soccer ball. Now that I have my wall dismantled, I'd like to do something to prevent the nesting before I put up the wall again. what would you suggest I do to keep hornets from nesting behind the wall (in the dirt)? Also, in order to secure the wall, I wanted to use liquid nails on the stones to keep them in place (unlike the original construction). however, if i do that, I won't be able to dismantle a portion if a new nest appears. I want to be able to have more of a permanent structure but that means I have to be able to prevent the hornets. Thanks for any help you can offer.

Utah County Utah

1 Response

The easiest way to prevent them from returning would be to put a barrier behind the stones that the hornets can't penetrate. A material like landscaping cloth or other type of barrier installed behind the wall would keep the hornets from digging into the area.