lasagna gardening

Asked October 10, 2014, 7:00 PM EDT

I have a LOT of rough wood chips and twigs and leaf mulch since I had a large tree cut down. One corner of my yard is uneven and I want to just crate o mound in that area to kill the grass. The mound will be about 5 inches above the ground level. I whould like to plant a dwarf fruit tree there. Does the extention office have any guides to creating a healty site using this layered compost methos for a fruit tree.

Benton County Oregon

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There are a couple of different resources to learn more about the layered composting also know as sheet composting or mulching or 'lasagna' method of gardening. There are several books on this method that can be found at libraries or bookstores. As far as OSU specific resources, here is an article from OSU Extension:

If you want to speak to a OSU Extension Master Gardener about the specific details about sheeting composting for fruit trees, please call the Benton County office and see when the Master Gardener help desk will be staffed.

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