Chinese wisteria

Asked October 10, 2014, 10:01 AM EDT

I want to plant a Chinese wisteria on an arbor above a 16' wide entry gate to our property in East Texas. I am particularly interested in the Chinese variety because it blooms before its leafs out.

That said, I've been reading about how invasive it can be. Does it invade through its root system, like bamboo, or only by vining? I can keep it trimmed to prevent the vining, but I don't want to plant something that is going to be a problem to my neighbors because of the root system.

Van Zandt County Texas

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Although the Chinese Wisteria would do well for you in your area, they do spread by vining as well as root suckers, the latter method posing the more serious threat. I have seen these plants send out root sprouts at least ten feet away, literally making a thicket more than 100 feet apart. You could possibly contain the plant and its roots by planting it in a small island-type bed surrounded on all sides by concrete drive way and wall. You should also be able to control suckers relatively well through regular mowing, provided you have access 10 to 20 feet away from the plant.

I hope this helps!