How should I store my surplus of beets, onions, and apples?

Asked October 8, 2014, 3:16 PM EDT

Hello, I have a large surplus of beets from a friend farm and little refrigerator space in which to store them. i have available freezer space but would like to keep them fresh if possible. I have the same situation with an Apple surplus, and an onion surplus. I am considering ways to store my goods and have come across info on trash can root cellars (buried trash cans for storage) and would like an expert's advice on the best means of storage. I have a large yard in the Portland area that I can bury my goods in if that is a viable option as well. Please advise me on some possible ways to move forward. Feel free to contact me for follow up information as needed. Send information to

Multnomah County Oregon

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Creating an underground storage cellar isn’t common here. The excess moisture and moderate temperatures are an issue once the rain starts. If you have a sheltered area, protected from rain and where no water pools, that may work.

I am attaching a publication that has some good directions and diagrams for establishing storage areas, both outside and inside a home. It should give you some good guidelines.

Be sure to keep close watch of your stored produce for any signs of spoilage, condensation, infestation by rodents or insects.

This is another good piece of information outlining optimal storage environments. It could help you with monitoring or decision-making.